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A new brand with a story that is still being told
After more than 130 years



BELGIAN atmosphere

A story that repeats itself

A true family story, 5 Vanlancker generations.

Friture Léon was founded in 1888 by the great-great-grandfather of today’s owner Rudy Vanlancker, Leon Vanlancker, just a stone’s throw away from the Grand-Place of Brussels, a small restaurant called ‘A la ville d’Anvers’, in tribute to its Flemish origins.

‘In 1893, at 18 rue des Bouchers in Brussels, Friture Léon was created, an eatery of barely five tables. Today, 125 years later, the restaurant still occupies number 18, but also eight more of the terraced houses, and serves more than a thousand people every day. A success and, above all, a wonderful family story.’

Going International

In 1989, the first Léon de Bruxelles opened in Place de la République in Paris. There are now 80 Léon de Bruxelles restaurants all over France.

The Vanlancker family has always had an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking spirit which has led to innovation, like the ‘Moules & Frites’ Chez Léon restaurant signature. Rudy Vanlancker is now ready for the next international challenge: VILLA VANLANCKER 1888.

The concept is based on
5 success factors

the story of an authentic belgian restaurateur family

a large variety & range of belgian beers

authentic belgian cuisine

exceptional service

unique atmosphere

Why ’Villa’ and not ‘restaurant’

As it was for the Romans over 2000 years ago, our Villa will be a place to get away, relax, enjoy oneself, eat and drink. Roman writers refer with satisfaction to the self-sufficiency of their latifundium villas, where they drank their own wine and pressed their own oil.

Authentic Belgian Cuisine

Besides being a country of brewers and beer drinkers, Belgium is also a land of gourmets. This Belgian Burgundian reputation has already existed for over 175 years. Its history, characterized by rich traditions and very wide diversity, both geographically and culinary, is like a big celebration. All occasions are good to celebrate. Belgium has the tastiest home-produced ingredients with a worldwide famous reputation.

Nothing is so appreciated as our own Belgian beers in all their colours & avours, buttermilk soft Blanc – Blue steak with Belgian fries, our Flemish stew, Brussels waf es, Dover sole, North Sea prawns, bittersweet ground chicory, artisanal baked gingerbread, mouth-watering chocolate, tasty syrup of Liège, seasonal asparagus … And of course mussels served up in all possible ways. Belgium is a country of mussel eaters (over 30 million kilos of mussels consumed every year).

All these ingredients and dishes are part of our culinary heritage. A tasty and varied cuisine, with a rich palette of beautiful products that we can be proud of … prepared as beer appetizers and as tasty comfort dishes.

Ceci n’est pas une frite

A Burgundian Reputation for over 175 years

It was in 1958, in Brussels, that the real rise began and when Brussels became the undisputed capital of “mussels and fries”. As the years went by, our establishment in the heart of Brussels grew even bigger and became as famous as Manneken-Pis.

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Vanlancker Classics & Favorites

A wide selection of Belgian signature dishes created and developed by 5 generations of the Vanlancker family.

Classic Belgian favourites include starters, soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. Vanlancker suggests you to complete the Belgian Favourites with high quality local cuisine that matches the Belgitude theme.

VV 1888 has a clean architectural style combining the strengths of the past with the Belgian cultural heritage.

Yes, I want to join this concept and the winning team!

VV 1888 is an extremely flexible concept, adaptable according to:

  • The location
  • The needs & expectations of the consumers with attention being paid to the local culture and habits
  • The input of the investors & management

Why a VV 1888 partnership?

  • An elegant interior concept and design without expensive building materials and furniture.
  • Belgian cuisine offers a large selection of national dishes starting from a simple “stoemp-saucisse” (mashed potatoes & sausage) to a more exclusive waterzooï with lobster.
  • Belgian superior beers are cheaper than classic imported wines and offer a subtle taste in combination with our gastronomy.
  • Belgian bites (shrimps croquettes & waffle).
  • Belgian cuisine and Belgian beers are now internationally trendy.
  • Belgian cuisine is uncomplicated and requires lighter labour costs.
  • Based on 130 years of experience in the restaurant business.
  • VV 1888 is an ultra exible concept that will be adapted by the Vanlancker’s architect Philippe De Gendt, who has over 30 years’ experience.

A new brand with a story that is still being told

After more than 130 years

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